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April 30, 2011

Z is for Zodiac and Zealots

I really like the letter Z. It's another letter that I like to write in cursive, haha. Is that weird? Liking a letter for its looks? I'm so vain. There are also a bunch of words I like that start with Z. In fact, I think that I try to use the words 'zealot' and 'zealous' a lot. Probably more than I should, haha. But it's just so fun!

Now, I can finally use it. I think it's one of those words that people would hate to be called no matter what--I know I would--because it paints such an image. There are few words in my mind that create such a strong picture in my head. And that's probably why people hate it so much. What are some other words that you think have the same abilities?

And finally! The thing I've been waiting for! Zodiacs. I definitely am a lover of astrology and all of its quirks. I like to believe that most of the traits that the zodiacs have are true. I've met plenty of people and seen plenty of relationships personify the traits of the zodiac and their compatibility with other signs. Some of you might just think that I'm making them be there to prove that its real or something, and that's okay! I'd like to think I'm a realist, for the most part. I definitely don't think that it's the only personality you can have or anything.

But, that's getting off topic. For the longest time, I would use  my astrology book to create a base personality for my characters. Not only did it help create their birthdays, it also helped me get into their heads. I could imagine how a Scorpio would think over a Gemini and wham! Just like magic.

This is the only story where I have yet to figure out an astrological sign--a birthday, too--for Ax and the rest of the characters. It's a bit weird, but that's okay. It's worked out just fine, so far.

Do you guys use astrology to help out your writing at all? Or am I a bit odd in this case? :P

April 29, 2011

Y is for Yuck, Youthfulness and YAY!


Now that that's over with... Majority of us are YA writers, I'm sure, and I know that one of the biggest worries that any YA writer (really, I an include MG with this too--kinda) is having a voice that is too old. You can't expect a 16 year old (or a 12 year old) to have a  24-+ year old's voice! (Just picked a random age with the last bit there.) Even those super mature, "old-souls" have moments that are completely and utterly teenaged. So, how do we achieve a MC that sounds young--and not the type of young that adults think is young.

We all remember being a teen and having our parents use general assumptions of how teens are against us. (I know mine did). I would've never read a book that sounded like that when I was in high school. We have to treat our MC's voice the way a model does their face. The younger it is, the better. (In this genre!)

Informal speech, contractions, a bunch of slang--some ways we can make our voice young, but they don't always work. How do you make your MC's voice sound like a teenager?

Also, just for my own curiosity, what are some things that when you read them, they just make you disgusted? Bodily functions? Gore? Bad spelling? Horrible grammar? Excessive swearing??

X is for Xenophobia and X

Ah~ X. I utilize this letter a lot in my MS, haha. Just look at my MC's name! Ax. And X is such a weird letter, too. I mean, it stands for kisses (or is it hugs? I never get that right) and buried treasure locations. Or it can mean that you're wrong and in botany it means an imperfect flower. (You guys totally wanted to know that, right?) Let's not even begin on how many ways there are to pronounce X. It can be silent, make an S, make the 'cks' noise, or it sounds like a Z!

X just can't make up its mind, can it? Oh well!

I would've liked to use xylophone, just cause I think they're fun, but that'd have nothing to do with anything! So, onto xenophobia--something that actually applies to my writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the term (though I don't think there're many?) it means the fear (or hatred) of stangers/foreigners or of their culture/politics. I hope none of us here are true xenophobes! Eek. 

Anyway, I kind of just realized that my MS--unintentionally--deals with xenophobia. Haha, it's pretty funny for me, because I'm not the type to read a book and go "oh, I saw this theme and this theme and blahblahblah" Remember high school english class? Yuck.

But, it was a very pleasant discovery to make. There are so many novels out there that deal with this topic, but I'd like to think that mine is different than those. (We'll see how true that is later!) I've got both sides of the spectrum being dealt with. Losing and gaining the fear. Haha, it's really fun of me to discover!

Have any fun discoveries lately?

W is for Wonder Tunes and Word Choice

Lately I've been listening to the same few songs as I write. They're energetic songs, which is definitely a plus. It gets my brain working faster, which makes the pace go faster. I think. I've always been able to use music to affect the mood of my writing--to get into my MC's head--but I think I was doing it wrong before, haha. It was affecting something--but it wasn't affecting the right thing. I needed the music to affect me. 

And that's what I've got--and it's awesome!  I even finished my (new) first scene. Wooot! Though, music doesn't get all the credit. It's just been a little boost.

Another thing that's helped is doing word wars. Or, rather, word mongering these days. You might've seen people on your twitter feed with #wordmongering in their tweets recently? It's like a massive word war with cheerleaders, haha.

In my last word mongering session, I realize that the choices of words I can use as replacement swears is quite limited. So many swears out there that I've got converted to two words and one phrase. (AKA not much) Now I'm on the hunt for other swears.

Also, did you know that there are only so many ways you can describe the color grey? If only everything in this world was green...

April 26, 2011

V is for Very Maddening and Visions

I'm sure we've all had those group projects where you're the only one doing stuff--or where you and only a few others are doing all the work. Well, that has happened this weekend. We had a dialogue in French and two of my three partners are amazing! But... the other one wasn't quite as into the project as we were. We made it quite easy for her. Just write the questions that we'd already answered for her (which we've done plenty in class) but that didn't happen. So after studying for the test I had today, I stayed up and wrote out her part and then added my part in--which had to happen last. Simply put, I'm not that pleased with her at the moment. But, it's a minor thing! So, it only deserves a paragraph.

I talked about senses pretty recently, and today we're going to go back to the one we all use sooo well: sight! We're all visual people, except those who are blind, of course. But, at the moment that's not the topic. Sight is the sense that people can pick up the easiest because we use it so much. So, how do we make people attracted, intrigued or disgusted with our world?

All the sights in my MS only drive in the fact that everything is plain. Everything is the same. Everything is in shades of black and grey--any bit of color is sparse and most of the time it's dark--it's an overall unattractive world. And that's what I want people to feel. I want them to get that it's not a place you want to live in. It's not where you'd want to grow up or raise your children. So that's what I make sure to show.

How do you guys utilize sight to make people love or hate your world?

April 25, 2011

U is for Ugh and Unforgettableness

Short post because I've got to study for my French test tomorrow. Darn my professors for giving so much homework! Haha, I know it could be worse though, so my complaints aren't very strong.

The worst thing anyone could have--especially for us writers--is to be forgettable. No one wants to be forgotten and writers especially don't want to have someone forget our story. A lot of us are sensitive about our brain children. We wouldn't want someone to forget our physical children (for those of you who are parents). The same applies to our stories.

SO, how do we make sure that we're memorable? How can we make sure that our stories stay inside everyones's heads for weeks, months, maybe even years if we're lucky? We all worry about being able to catch the eye of agents and readers. Yeah, those are important. But, even if our books don't become the next Harry Potter or Twilight. Even if we don't become the next J.R.R. Tolkien or Orson Scott Card--the idea that our story might touch someone's heart and stay with them is something I strive for.  It isn't the ultimate goal, but that thought is what keeps me happy.

April 24, 2011

T is for Thanks and Taciturnicity

Thank you is one of those words (technically a phrase) that everyone should know and that everyone should use as often as possible. It's one of those words that can make you look like a southern belle (or beau) or turn you into a ass-extraordinaire, too. Like most English, it's quite versatile.

You never know when saying a simple "Thanks" could just make someone's day completely. There are so many people out there who do not get thanked that I'm sure they wonder if anything they do is even getting noticed. And because we're all striving to make ourselves look as good as possible to promote ourselves, I think that us author-hopefuls should say Thank You to just about anyone and everyone.

My French Professor told me one day after class--because I was the slowest to pack up--that she loved to teach and she quite liked living in the US, but the one thing she could not get over after living here for 20 something years was the fact that students, and really a lot of other people, are so rude compared to the people she knew in France. No one said please, or thank you or anything else. Never been to France, so I really don't know if that's true, but I do know that American teens (cause that's who she deals with most) are definitely not the type to thank her for teaching.

On another note, how many of you have/have read the type of story that utilizes the Taciturn-Man? (Sometimes woman.) I used to be an avid manga reader and they use taciturn (or tsundere, as they call it) characters all the time. And most of the time they're pretty fun. I've written quite a few characters like that myself. But, are they really likable? If they're true to the meaning of the word, are they really going to be relateable, likable--or even lovable?

Thanks for reading! :P

April 22, 2011

S is for Scenes and Senses

When I write, I think in term of scenes, not chapters. When I think of them as scenes, it helps me get a complete picture of what's going to go on at that moment. I don't know why chapters can't do that, too, but there seems to be some sort of disconnect between my brain and the word chapter.

Maybe one of the reasons why is because when I write the story appears like a movie in my head and I'm trying to describe what's going on in that scene. Do you write in scenes or chapters?

As for senses, I'm really trying my best to utilize every sense I can in my MS. I want people to get the way Ax feels right away. I want them to get a good picture for how it would be like to actually live in this world. That's one thing that books have over movies. Movies might paint a better picture--but a book can bring you to the world. I can describe the dullness of the world easily with just sight, but I feel like adding how the place smells and  how the air tastes--the sounds and touches, the temperature--will be so much more vivid.

May seem obvious, but there are a lot of writers who skimp out on those other 5 senses. Yeah, we have them in when our MC smells some delicious food or touches something gross... Obvious places, where any other sense would make everyone go "Um... What?"

How many of you succeed on utilizing as many senses as possible?

R is for Rest and Relaxation??

Definitely not getting that, here. Didn't have the time to post R last night because of the fact that I had a crapload of homework to do. Sorry peeps, this quarter is feeling pretty busy. I'll be better from now on though!

April 20, 2011

Q is for Qu'est-ce que? and Queerness

I really like the letter Q. I wish there were more words with it! I really do. It's just so much fun to write. Especially lower case cursive Q's. Yeah, I'm weird. I know. And that brings me to queerness! And I mean the literal dictionary version of it. AKA: WEIRD. Or odd. (Though I could write about queers, too.) I really like people watching. I do it as often as I can and hope that anyone watching me doesn't think that I'm an absolute creeper.

Already talked about people watching--kind of--but, it's just such a fun topic. I think it's one of those things (along with many others) that most writers do. How can we not? We expect the masses to read the ideas we create--so why not get inspired from the masses themselves, right?

What I like to do the most with people watching is eavesdrop. I have had a problem with eavesdropping since I was little. I just want to know everything that's going on with everyone in every place I go. Is that really so bad??  (Cue an innocent look.) What I think is the best out of eavesdropping is when you hear the targets--that's right. Targets. You're on a mission my friends!--saying a word that you've never heard of. Or one that you've never dreamed of using in that context.

It's one of the best ways to come up with some cool slang for those of us who are not so linguistically gifted. (No one ever said writers were the creators of words. And if they did, they most certainly forgot the L that's meant to go in that word. I mean world.) Next time you're out, do a little eavesdropping in the checkout line, or the que for the bank... or... waiting in the dentists office. Anywhere.

Now, have you ever been reading a story and suddenly you think to yourself--or even say it out loud--Qu'est-ce que??? Probably not like that--I doubt most of you guys think in French-- but I'm sure we've all done the translation: What???

I haven't had any moments like that recently with books--or critiquing, but I've definitely had them in the past. Let me just say that it was not a good feeling to have as a reader. Have any of you read/critted or even written something that made you or someone else go "WHAT???"

April 19, 2011

P is for Pain and Pasts

How many times have you read something where either the protagonist or some secondary character has a really  elusive or painful past? Or where even the world has a dark tinge to its history? Often. Very often, I'm sure. It's one of those things that I don't think writers can really get away from because we have this desire to work our problems out with our characters (sometimes). Or we do it so our characters have an edge to them--something that can be brought back and haunt them for eternity. Do we need it to? Bad people don't always come from bad pasts. And good people don't always come from good.

Is it even possible to have a character without some sort of issue stemming from their past? I don't know. Nor do I think that there really can be. They've got to grow from something, right? Someone being good and getting better isn't something a reader wants. I know I wouldn't want to read that. Talk about boring.

But, do the pasts always have to be painful? I don't think so. Sometimes I think writers (not saying every writer!) make their MC come from abuse or abandonment... or anything else equally unpleasant because they think that that will create more sympathy. And I'd think it's safe to say that it does. But I don't think it's the right kind.

Do we only want our MC's to be sympathized with? Shouldn't we want to have the readers connect so they can empathize?

I also think that some more amateur writers also subject their MC's to a lot of pain during the story itself--not just the past. Sometimes it's okay and they've managed to write a horrible--but amazing--story. Other times it's just so much that I'm left wondering "why???" Firm believer of "Don't kick 'em while they're down." Exception being in the climax--that's where it's supposed to be! Even then though, there is a limit.

When's the last time you read something that was a bit over the top? Did you feel bad for the MC or did you just wonder why the writer hated their character so much?

O is for OMG and Oops!

Oops!! I forgot to do an O post! >_< That's horrible of me, I know. But, I was busy with homework! Ack, I can't imagine doing more than 15 credits per quarter (at the moment. Will probably happen in the future...) Seriously, it's just that there's so much! Maybe when I don't have two classes that give a lot of work... maybe. Math is definitely one of those classes that's like YAY HOMEWORK. MUAHAHAHA. Yup. Which kind of sucks for my non-mathematical brain. (And yet, I seem to want to make most of my characters math wizzes... Food for thought.)

Anyway, I finally got to writing! Yaaaay~ It's exciting news, I know. Today I'll be writing more, which is awesome. It's so ridiculous how writing can totally pick me up. I wasn't sad or anything--in fact I've been rather pleased lately--but this morning I was just chipper as an otter in water. It's pretty awesome, I have to say.

How has writing--or not writing--made you feel these days?

April 17, 2011

N is for New Ideas and Names

Names are really important in life. There are a lot of people who believe that our names affect our destinies in life. In fact~ it's been proven that a lot of dentists are named Dennis. I always used to be the type that wanted to make sure that my characters names had a meaning to them that would personify them. Now days I'm not quite so intense about it--though I do get extremely pleased if it happens--but I still feel like names are really important.

And it's not just our character names that are important. Our names are important too! I'm sure we've all imagined what it'll be like if our names get that perfect spot on some beautiful hardcover novel in Barnes & Noble. (Yep, now you now my dream. :P)

What if our name is unpronounceable? What if it's super duper long? Does it have that special ring to it? I'm sure we've all had those thoughts--or will--at some point in time.

And finally, I've got a new story idea floating around my head. It's really fun. I've written myself a note about it, but it'll have to wait until this MS gets finished!

April 15, 2011

M is for Magic and Mummies! (Otherwise known as Mommies!)

I'm totally stealing from the British (and where ever else) by calling the female who gave birth to me Mum. I think it sounds so much more fun than mom.  M-awwwwww-m vs M-uhhhhhhhh-m... I like the U better. Anyway. Moms or mums are some of the best people in the world. Perhaps I should save this for May when Mother's Day comes along, but meh. I feel like complimenting mothers everywhere now.

Seriously, there are no bounds to the love moms give to their children--and even other people's children. There's something really special about that bond. So, it makes me wonder: Why is almost every mom in YA non-existent? Especially when majority of the YA out there is from female perspectives. Let's get some maternal guidance in there! (All for fatherly love/guidance, too, but alas--father and dad don't start with m.)

As for magic! Well, I happen to think there's a little bit of magic everywhere. In everything--everyone--we've just got to know how to tap into it. I think that as writers, we definitely have cracked the shell that surrounds magic and are pouring it out, drop by drop. There is definitely something magical about being able to weave worlds, create characters and spin stories--breathe a book into life. (Yes, I did just get happy with alliteration.) 

Really, even if we never succeed in publishing (say it can't be so!) we're still magical for doing something that a lot of people never could--write. So, even when you're doubting yourself--when nothing is going right; getting all form rejections, someone saying your MC was annoying, you haven't written anything good in weeks--just remember that you, a writer, are magical.

Writing moms might be a little more magical than a normal writer, btw. (Dads too.)

April 14, 2011

L is for Love Triangles and Loud People!

So, we all know about the love triangle. They've been made famous recently by Twilight and The Hunger Games series--among many others. Have any of you noticed that every love triangle has a female pov? (I have yet to hear or read of a male pov love triangle.)

Is it just one of those things like when girls have lots of men in their life, people automatically assume they're a slut and whatnot and men can have a lot of girls without a second thought?? (Not how I actually think, btw.)

I write from male pov's all the time. I can't even really remember the last time I wrote from a female point of view, it's been that long. I also like love triangles. I will probably end up having a love triangle at some point in time. And it will probably be from a male POV like always.

Is there something unattractive about a guy not being able to decide which girl he loves? Girls aren't the only ones who can be indecisive. Yes, men in general aren't as wishy-washy as women, but it could happen. --Of course, I'm not the expert on men (or people at all) so... I could just be spouting.

Are there no love triangle male pov stories out there because a guy with two love interests seems like a player? Does it seem like he's stringing one of them along--or both of them--just because he wants the attention? I just don't know.

Also, I'm not a loud person. I'm definitely a quiet person. But, my second mom is very loud. She's also quite outgoing. Do you guys think the level of sound we all can reach depends on our outgoing/shyness? Just curious.

April 13, 2011

K is for KOs and Kids

The more posts there are the less things I can think of! Ahh~ So, in my story I think I've managed to obtain a pretty stable balance between budding romance and violence--and I'm really happy that I've done it because everything in the past was either no romance an action or no action and romance. Finally, a place in the middle! :)

As I've gone through the past day or so, I've begun to wonder if I've maybe made Ax suffer from too many wounds. Two gunshots, spaced out pretty well, and then the climax... where he gets truly... yeah.  I'll let your mind paint that picture. It isn't really that much, but I also don't want to overdo it. I'm not afraid to hurt Ax as long as it's necessary, but I also don't want readers to be like: "OMG Seriously? He's hurt again??"

Not too big of a dilemma, it wouldn't be too hard to take out that second gunshot, but it has some good bonding time after it! Haha.

How's spring (for northern hemisphere) going for all of you? And autumn for the southern half of the world? Those two seasons are my favorite--except for the fact that about 6 weeks in each of them my nights are filled with a whining (and pining) dog. You've all seen Luca. But, we've got another dog in the house--a girl dog. Both of them are au naturale. Every part in tact. (Except for Luca's missing retina in his little eye, but that's a different story.)  If you're thinking "oh, so they aren't neutered" then 10 points and a cookie for you!

So, every 6 months, for 6 weeks, I get to have sleepless nights and spend my day making sure Luca isn't scaring the daylights out of Zoie by trying to get it on when there's not a chance in hell they're going to procreate. (He has really bad aim, btw.)

That's probably enough information about that.

Have a good rest of the day/evening everyone!

(Luca's already whining and it's only 5pm...)

J is for Jackasses and Jerks!

Ah, so I ran out of time--kind of--to do the J post. But, better late than never is my policy. So, lately I've been encountering a lot of jerks lately. I'm not sure what it is, but there are a lot of them out right now. I thought that was supposed to happen when the weather started turning bad! (Albeit... the weather here hasn't really started turning good yet, soo...) Haha.

It got me to thinking. I feel like there are a lot of jackasses for love interests out there. Have you guys seen it too? I can't really think of any love interests that are complete douches at the moment--but I know they're out there! Heck, Ax started out from a really asshole-y character. (I have since changed that though.)

How do you guys feel about MC's falling in love with jerks? (Of course, this is kind of pinpointed to stories with romance in them :P) Sometimes it works, like everything else in the world, and other times it's just contrived. I'm definitely on a case by case basis with jerks in novels.

On another note, been making scenes out of the plot. Nearly finished~ Then I'll get to wriiiiite~~~~~ (I'm so excited.)

Thanks for answering my sex question for the I post, everyone!

April 11, 2011

I is for Intimates and Internet!

Today we got new internet so my parents could be cheap. Awesome deal, right? Fast new internet for less money. Pure awesome. For an update: I've finished plotting! Yay~! I have my entire story figured out--at least the core of it--and I'm happy with what I've figured out. That's the best part! I'm unsure of the ending, but, I've got the basics of it down, too.

The best thing is that I've managed to make it the best balance of romance and action that I've had yet. Which is really exciting. Like, super duper I'm-ready-to-start-dancing-around-my-house exciting. Yaaaay. If only studying weren't in the way--I'd be writing all night if I could. (Alas, school sadly comes first.)

Anyway, intimate scenes in YA. I don't really have any intimate scenes (aka sex or near it) but, how do you guys feel about it? I can't really recall any YA that I've read ever going in depth--or even having sex, really--about it, but I know I've heard that there are YA books out there with sexual content.

Sometimes they're necessary and they work well, other times they seem out of place. I know it's part of teenage life--I was a teenager recently :P But, when is taking it all the way going too far?

What do you guys think?

April 08, 2011

H is for Help and Harry Potter!!

First off, there's an awesome charity going on called Crits for Water hosted by the lovely Katherine Brauer (aka Kat). My best friend and writing partner Jessica Lei is offering up a critique herself in honor of the charity. Having been critted by her since the beginning of time, let me just say that she is awesome. Like... seriously. Awesome.

Also, you guys should follow her blog. It's worth the jump over and a simple little click. (Yes, I'm shamelessly pimping her out. :D) She might not post often, but when she does it's totally worth it!

Back to Crits for Water for a moment, you should definitely go check it out here and donate--can't donate there, but, that's where you get the information! It's amazing.

Onto a different topic--Harry Potter. There is nothing more amazing in the entire world than Harry Potter. (Crits for water is very close. As is Jessie. Actually, Jessie's better.) I mean, really. How can you not love this? I'm clearly obsessed--and that's okay. I know that I am completely and utterly in love with this story, but it really it's amazing.

I can remember when I used to compare all my characters or base them off of J.K. Rowling's amazingness. I used to wish I would get my Hogwarts letter and that I could escape from being just plain-old-Devin and become a witch. Even a bad one would've been okay!

Harry Potter was what got me writing in the first place. It is because of this story that I found myself in this amazing world of people, realms, characters and plots. I am ever thankful to J.K. Rowling and her characters.

What got you guys started off in the path of being a writer?

(And don't forget to donate to get an awesome crit from Jessica~!)

G is for Good Ideas and GAH!

A short post today because my plot is shaping up so well that I don't want to leave it for too long! School was torture today, haha. My fingers kept itching to grab a marker and get all those words out of me. I've found that plotting in a notebook instead of on my laptop is helping me out immensely. 

It's kind of weird to think of, but I can remember doing this all through high school. Pulling out notebooks in the middle of math and plotting out the latest idea that popped in my head instead of taking notes on ...some geometry problem. (See? I can't even remember a name for one!) I did this all the time back then. It got me to wondering, when did I stop using paper and go to the keyboard?

I honestly don't know why, but I know from now on that I'll be plotting on paper instead of on screen.

As for the "GAH!" Well... let's just say that in Botany today, we were learning about the difference in soils between Western Washington and Eastern Washington. (And yes, I mean the state. :P) The reason is because of glaciers and massive floods from the ice age melting--but that's not the point. Someone in the class asked... a really ...awkward question. I was both surprised and annoyed. I kept thinking, "Who in their right mind asks that??" (Even the prof looked very awkward trying not to offend her while she answered.)

Have you guys ever had to deal with situations cause by someone? How'd you handle it?

April 07, 2011

F is for French and Flowers!

There's something about spring that is just so inspiring! I think it's probably because of all the beautiful flowers that start blooming and the wondrous fragrances they (sometimes) let off. I really really love spring. And I also really really really like flowers, haha. It's only natural that I'd like the two of them together, right?

I don't have a favorite flower--I really like them all. Tulips, roses, daffodils, dahlias, marigolds, rhododendrons.. the list could go on forever!

This quarter in school is my third quarter of French. I'm really loving it--obviously, seeing how I've been taking it for over 6mo now--and we're finally learning some of the subtleties and colloquialisms of France. It got me to thinking about little things I can add to my story--to the characters and the world itself--that can make things stand out a little bit more.

I knew about it before, but I finally have realized it now. I mean, how can you not know about it when you're the fan of Harry Potter? It's the goldmine of ...well everything really. Muggleborn vs mudblood for instance?


Anyway, here are some pictures for you! They're all from a local county Tulip Festival. (So yes, they are all tulips.)

What inspires you?

April 06, 2011

E is for Excitement and Eccentricities!

We got snow-hail today! That's so crazy, it was 50 something yesterday. Oh Northwest weather... how crazy you are. My semi-cute outfit was not beneficial when I walked to and from my car--I think a hail stone gave me a bruise on the top of my foot... (Extremely ridiculous, I know).

Anyway! I've been plotting pretty hardcore lately. Like, I've condensed about 3 days of my more recent plotting binge into one night. But, I'm nowhere near done. Not yet. And that's really okay with me. I'm really excited for all these changes and that tells me that this is the right thing to do. How could being excited not be a good thing, right??

Heck, I even wrote a random scene last night (it certainly was weird using "A" and "B" for characters... hahaha) and I hammered out more words in one sitting than I have in like a month. It was ridiculous. 

On a different note, lately I've been noticing a lot of other people's quirks. My math professor, for instance, relates everything mathematical to birds. He also rubs off the white board (which he hates) the exact same way. A girl in French can't stand eraser shavings and another girl in French always wears a blue sweatshirt on Thursdays. It's just these little things that've got me thinking about ways I can show little eccentricities in my characters. Something being the usual lip-biters, hair-twirlers, nail-biters, and chain-smokers.

What're some quirks you've seen lately?

April 05, 2011

D is for Distractions and Dogs!

I really like being at home. Like really. I'm perhaps a bit of a hermit--though I enjoy getting out as much as everyone else does! I just feel like if I'm not at home I'm going to miss something, and I don't want to miss anything!

So, pretty much every day after school I'll come straight home. Boring, right? A little bit, yeah. But it's cozy. I can make myself food and play with the puppy (more on that later) and ......anything else I want! But being home is so distracting!

I'm going to try staying out for a few--chilling at the new school cafe or something and seeing if not being able to socialize, not having food (yup, I'm cheap) or anything like that will help get the juices coming out cleanly!

One of the things that will probably help is not having my dog there. He is so distracting. It isn't even funny. He makes himself into one! I swear. If you're set on doing something and you don't want to be interrupted (...aka: writing) he decides that he ABSOLUTELY must play with you RIGHT NOW. 


Luca has to be the center of the house-hold universe.

And now for another Luca pic-spam. Because I can.

Him in comparison to my hand... I look like a giant.
Him taking over the chair.

And lastly:
Crazy long-haired version of Luca. (Not attractive, I can admit it)
How do you guys deal with distractions?

April 04, 2011

C is for Confidence and Change

Yup, there's that word again: Change. I am (yet again) changing things up. I can't really say I like changing things up (in my story, real life is a bit different), but it's one of those things that's necessary. I've heard so many people say that the best thing you can do is "Follow your gut" and my gut is telling me that something just isn't right with my story.

Of course, this is the who knows how many-th change I've done and I have yet to even finish my dang story. Ugh. Everyone's journey is different, but I wish mine would find a path and stick to it for a few! This is getting frustrating. I like what I have. I really do like everything that I've thought of. I keep trying to think of ways to make it different but keep the same elements (I'm hoping that will work...) All of this right after I had a breakthrough, too.

When it comes to change, I always wonder: "Do I really need this?"
"Will I know when to stop?"
"When will this finally be right?"

To me, change in my MS is both good and something I dread. It's one of those things I need to learn to learn to accept--and welcome.

I think one of the reasons why change is so hard for me is because that evil little voice that everybody (especially us writers) whispers words that no sane person would ever say to another even in the darkest mood--I hope not, at least. We truly are the hardest on ourselves.

It took Cosmetology school--where I was forced to work with the public for 10hrs each school day--to gain basic confidence in myself. To be able to tell myself, "Yeah, I'm kind of pretty today. Yeah, I can cut hair pretty good--but I can color hair even better. My classmates know a lot, but I know more. I'm actually good."

Until I decided to actually write out a story with the intent to publish, I'd never given my writing a thought. I was the only one who was going to see it (for the most part) so what did it matter? It isn't like that anymore. I've had more doubts about my writing in the past couple months than I have in my entire lifetime. I know I'll gain my confidence back--maybe when all the changes stop??--but until then, I'm just going to keep swimming through the negativity, waiting for the day when the sun'll shine in my brain and the angels come out going "HALLELUJAH"

I wouldn't mind if that happened soon... Just a heads up, brain. 

What do you guys think about change? Do you like it? Hate it? And how do you stay confident in your writing? Until tomorrow--D-day!

April 02, 2011

B is for Break Through and Bad House Guests!

Of course the day after I talk about not being able to get into Ax's head, what does he do? Infiltrate my mind better than Snape or Dumbledore with Legilimency. After ages (or what feels like ages) he has finally started talking. In fact, he hasn't even shut up.

I know it'll take me awhile before I get to know him like I did his predecessor--Axel--but I'm confident that when I do get to that point that nothing will hold me back! I even had a dream about him. And that for me, no matter how ridiculous the dream (and trust me this was ridiculous), means that I've finally gotten an in!

It's really awesome to be able to actually write instead of stare at the screen, give up for a few, go back, type a couple words then repeat the entire process. I think I've written more today than I have all week, and that feels so good!

(I think I've been writing so much that my wrist is sore. Oops?)

On a mini non-writing note, for the past week my family has been helping out a friend (term used loosely) of the family's. This was only a temporary thing to get her back on her feet, a roof over her head while she looks for a new place and yada yada yada. You get the picture, I'm sure.

The agreement for this was 1 week per house and she has to help out at the house as repayment.

What does she do?

You guessed it. Nothing. It isn't really much of a surprise, but it's still a bit aggravating. Luckily, tomorrow is her last day at my house, so things will return to normal soon!

Back to Ax, cause he's far more interesting. I'm finally getting close to the point where he'll get to meet the love interest and I'm so excited! (He is, too, though he doesn't quite know that yet.) Ah! I haven't felt excited to write in awhile. But now that it's here, nothing is going to stop me!

How are you all doing with your writing?

April 01, 2011

A is for Apologies and Ax

I was convinced to do the A to Z Challenge by Misha this morning, haha. It'll be interesting!

So, first off, sorry! I've been really bad about blogging lately. My mind has been consumed by my manuscript and cranking the ideas out of my head that I've just spaced on posting! Shame on me. That pattern will be broken now. (Especially because of the A-Z Challenge...)

Now, on to the good stuff. Before I changed up my plot, I had my MC's wants and wishes, his personality, his quirks, his motives--I had him figured out. I knew what he was doing, why he was doing it, how he felt about it and I could show it. It was obvious.

But now that the plot is completely different, of course I have to change Ax, right? Right. I can't have the reincarnation of the Askr (first man on earth in Norse mythology) living in a post apocalyptic world. Nor could I have this Ax living in a world where Norse mythology is the main religion of the world.

Maybe it's the difference between writing in 1st person and 3rd person, but, even though I know why he does certain things, and I know what, and how he feels-- it just won't come out. Ax's intentions aren't as transparent as they used to be. I'm sure I'll figure out how to achieve getting that transparency some time in the near future, but until then it's quite frustrating.

3rd person is just being difficult for me! Haha, but, it's the best choice for this MS so what's a gal to do?

On another note! I've got a job interview for tomorrow. Wish me luck :)