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April 13, 2011

K is for KOs and Kids

The more posts there are the less things I can think of! Ahh~ So, in my story I think I've managed to obtain a pretty stable balance between budding romance and violence--and I'm really happy that I've done it because everything in the past was either no romance an action or no action and romance. Finally, a place in the middle! :)

As I've gone through the past day or so, I've begun to wonder if I've maybe made Ax suffer from too many wounds. Two gunshots, spaced out pretty well, and then the climax... where he gets truly... yeah.  I'll let your mind paint that picture. It isn't really that much, but I also don't want to overdo it. I'm not afraid to hurt Ax as long as it's necessary, but I also don't want readers to be like: "OMG Seriously? He's hurt again??"

Not too big of a dilemma, it wouldn't be too hard to take out that second gunshot, but it has some good bonding time after it! Haha.

How's spring (for northern hemisphere) going for all of you? And autumn for the southern half of the world? Those two seasons are my favorite--except for the fact that about 6 weeks in each of them my nights are filled with a whining (and pining) dog. You've all seen Luca. But, we've got another dog in the house--a girl dog. Both of them are au naturale. Every part in tact. (Except for Luca's missing retina in his little eye, but that's a different story.)  If you're thinking "oh, so they aren't neutered" then 10 points and a cookie for you!

So, every 6 months, for 6 weeks, I get to have sleepless nights and spend my day making sure Luca isn't scaring the daylights out of Zoie by trying to get it on when there's not a chance in hell they're going to procreate. (He has really bad aim, btw.)

That's probably enough information about that.

Have a good rest of the day/evening everyone!

(Luca's already whining and it's only 5pm...)


  1. Spring is lookin' up so far! Happy it's here!

  2. Ouch, any reason in particular why they aren't fixed?

    Spring = tree sex = allergies. I can't wait for summer/fall when it'll die down.

  3. Elena - Woot, I'm glad :)

    Steph - My mom wanted to breed Zoie and we never found a match and I never had the money to get Luca fixed. :/

    Awe about your allergies! We're learning about tree sex in botany :P


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