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April 29, 2011

X is for Xenophobia and X

Ah~ X. I utilize this letter a lot in my MS, haha. Just look at my MC's name! Ax. And X is such a weird letter, too. I mean, it stands for kisses (or is it hugs? I never get that right) and buried treasure locations. Or it can mean that you're wrong and in botany it means an imperfect flower. (You guys totally wanted to know that, right?) Let's not even begin on how many ways there are to pronounce X. It can be silent, make an S, make the 'cks' noise, or it sounds like a Z!

X just can't make up its mind, can it? Oh well!

I would've liked to use xylophone, just cause I think they're fun, but that'd have nothing to do with anything! So, onto xenophobia--something that actually applies to my writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the term (though I don't think there're many?) it means the fear (or hatred) of stangers/foreigners or of their culture/politics. I hope none of us here are true xenophobes! Eek. 

Anyway, I kind of just realized that my MS--unintentionally--deals with xenophobia. Haha, it's pretty funny for me, because I'm not the type to read a book and go "oh, I saw this theme and this theme and blahblahblah" Remember high school english class? Yuck.

But, it was a very pleasant discovery to make. There are so many novels out there that deal with this topic, but I'd like to think that mine is different than those. (We'll see how true that is later!) I've got both sides of the spectrum being dealt with. Losing and gaining the fear. Haha, it's really fun of me to discover!

Have any fun discoveries lately?

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  1. Guess that's one of the themes in your novel. I'm sure you'll find more as you continue to work on it.


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