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April 15, 2011

M is for Magic and Mummies! (Otherwise known as Mommies!)

I'm totally stealing from the British (and where ever else) by calling the female who gave birth to me Mum. I think it sounds so much more fun than mom.  M-awwwwww-m vs M-uhhhhhhhh-m... I like the U better. Anyway. Moms or mums are some of the best people in the world. Perhaps I should save this for May when Mother's Day comes along, but meh. I feel like complimenting mothers everywhere now.

Seriously, there are no bounds to the love moms give to their children--and even other people's children. There's something really special about that bond. So, it makes me wonder: Why is almost every mom in YA non-existent? Especially when majority of the YA out there is from female perspectives. Let's get some maternal guidance in there! (All for fatherly love/guidance, too, but alas--father and dad don't start with m.)

As for magic! Well, I happen to think there's a little bit of magic everywhere. In everything--everyone--we've just got to know how to tap into it. I think that as writers, we definitely have cracked the shell that surrounds magic and are pouring it out, drop by drop. There is definitely something magical about being able to weave worlds, create characters and spin stories--breathe a book into life. (Yes, I did just get happy with alliteration.) 

Really, even if we never succeed in publishing (say it can't be so!) we're still magical for doing something that a lot of people never could--write. So, even when you're doubting yourself--when nothing is going right; getting all form rejections, someone saying your MC was annoying, you haven't written anything good in weeks--just remember that you, a writer, are magical.

Writing moms might be a little more magical than a normal writer, btw. (Dads too.)


  1. There was an agent on Twitter wondering yesterday "where have all the parents gone?" I guess having good parents doesn't make for much drama, so YA usually does without. But it's amazing how many orphans there are out there - we need to start a drive to get these YA heroes some Mums and Dads!

  2. I was one of those whose parents didn't really know how to be good parents. I've been learning to parent myself since my 20s. Found you thru the a-z challenge. Hi.

  3. I love the way you described the magic of writing!


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