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April 06, 2011

E is for Excitement and Eccentricities!

We got snow-hail today! That's so crazy, it was 50 something yesterday. Oh Northwest weather... how crazy you are. My semi-cute outfit was not beneficial when I walked to and from my car--I think a hail stone gave me a bruise on the top of my foot... (Extremely ridiculous, I know).

Anyway! I've been plotting pretty hardcore lately. Like, I've condensed about 3 days of my more recent plotting binge into one night. But, I'm nowhere near done. Not yet. And that's really okay with me. I'm really excited for all these changes and that tells me that this is the right thing to do. How could being excited not be a good thing, right??

Heck, I even wrote a random scene last night (it certainly was weird using "A" and "B" for characters... hahaha) and I hammered out more words in one sitting than I have in like a month. It was ridiculous. 

On a different note, lately I've been noticing a lot of other people's quirks. My math professor, for instance, relates everything mathematical to birds. He also rubs off the white board (which he hates) the exact same way. A girl in French can't stand eraser shavings and another girl in French always wears a blue sweatshirt on Thursdays. It's just these little things that've got me thinking about ways I can show little eccentricities in my characters. Something being the usual lip-biters, hair-twirlers, nail-biters, and chain-smokers.

What're some quirks you've seen lately?


  1. Wow, I love that you pick up on those little things. I know someone that looks at my stomach while I talk to them. It's weird and makes me feel completely conscious about my stomach.

  2. Funny...I got snow hail today too. And thunder to boot. Where are you? Anywhere close to Utah? If so, we should get a writer group going.

  3. Michelle - That is pretty odd. I've met someone who always watched my mouth when I talked, but at least it's relevant to talking??

    Michael - That's pretty weird! Sadly not in Utah. I'm in Washington State--Seattle area to be exact. A writer group would've been fun though!

  4. Quirk: Sabbath, my giant black dog, goes into hibernation when my kids are gone to school. He doesn't eat or drink or wag his tail. He just lays on the couch and waits to hear them walk to the door. He's done this ever since our chocolate lab passed away on Christmas day. So sad! Oh... wait. You'd didn't ask for sad. You ask for quirks. Sorry. Should I delete?
    Great post.

  5. Margo - Awe! I feel bad for Sabbath. He sounds lonely, poor kid. Don't delete, it's good to know :)


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