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April 05, 2011

D is for Distractions and Dogs!

I really like being at home. Like really. I'm perhaps a bit of a hermit--though I enjoy getting out as much as everyone else does! I just feel like if I'm not at home I'm going to miss something, and I don't want to miss anything!

So, pretty much every day after school I'll come straight home. Boring, right? A little bit, yeah. But it's cozy. I can make myself food and play with the puppy (more on that later) and ......anything else I want! But being home is so distracting!

I'm going to try staying out for a few--chilling at the new school cafe or something and seeing if not being able to socialize, not having food (yup, I'm cheap) or anything like that will help get the juices coming out cleanly!

One of the things that will probably help is not having my dog there. He is so distracting. It isn't even funny. He makes himself into one! I swear. If you're set on doing something and you don't want to be interrupted (...aka: writing) he decides that he ABSOLUTELY must play with you RIGHT NOW. 


Luca has to be the center of the house-hold universe.

And now for another Luca pic-spam. Because I can.

Him in comparison to my hand... I look like a giant.
Him taking over the chair.

And lastly:
Crazy long-haired version of Luca. (Not attractive, I can admit it)
How do you guys deal with distractions?


  1. I have three shih tzus and they are the most important and enjoyable part of my day...and there's nothing more adorable than a shih tzu puppy!

  2. Love those pictures, esp. the first one :D

  3. Jamie - Shih tzu's are amazing! I got Luca sort of randomly, but I'm so happy I got him. :)

    Trisha - His baby pictures are so cute! I wish I could have another little guy like him and keep him that way longer!


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