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April 30, 2011

Z is for Zodiac and Zealots

I really like the letter Z. It's another letter that I like to write in cursive, haha. Is that weird? Liking a letter for its looks? I'm so vain. There are also a bunch of words I like that start with Z. In fact, I think that I try to use the words 'zealot' and 'zealous' a lot. Probably more than I should, haha. But it's just so fun!

Now, I can finally use it. I think it's one of those words that people would hate to be called no matter what--I know I would--because it paints such an image. There are few words in my mind that create such a strong picture in my head. And that's probably why people hate it so much. What are some other words that you think have the same abilities?

And finally! The thing I've been waiting for! Zodiacs. I definitely am a lover of astrology and all of its quirks. I like to believe that most of the traits that the zodiacs have are true. I've met plenty of people and seen plenty of relationships personify the traits of the zodiac and their compatibility with other signs. Some of you might just think that I'm making them be there to prove that its real or something, and that's okay! I'd like to think I'm a realist, for the most part. I definitely don't think that it's the only personality you can have or anything.

But, that's getting off topic. For the longest time, I would use  my astrology book to create a base personality for my characters. Not only did it help create their birthdays, it also helped me get into their heads. I could imagine how a Scorpio would think over a Gemini and wham! Just like magic.

This is the only story where I have yet to figure out an astrological sign--a birthday, too--for Ax and the rest of the characters. It's a bit weird, but that's okay. It's worked out just fine, so far.

Do you guys use astrology to help out your writing at all? Or am I a bit odd in this case? :P


  1. Great choice. I don't really think much about the Zodiac signs for my character. But I'm a Taurus and most of my astrological traits are very true.

  2. Interesting way of creating your characters. Z is a nice letter.

    I like looking at the zodica through my telescope. :)

  3. I say use whatever tools you can muster to get the job done! Oh, and it's a pleasure to meet you from the challenge formerly known as A-Z!


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