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April 07, 2011

F is for French and Flowers!

There's something about spring that is just so inspiring! I think it's probably because of all the beautiful flowers that start blooming and the wondrous fragrances they (sometimes) let off. I really really love spring. And I also really really really like flowers, haha. It's only natural that I'd like the two of them together, right?

I don't have a favorite flower--I really like them all. Tulips, roses, daffodils, dahlias, marigolds, rhododendrons.. the list could go on forever!

This quarter in school is my third quarter of French. I'm really loving it--obviously, seeing how I've been taking it for over 6mo now--and we're finally learning some of the subtleties and colloquialisms of France. It got me to thinking about little things I can add to my story--to the characters and the world itself--that can make things stand out a little bit more.

I knew about it before, but I finally have realized it now. I mean, how can you not know about it when you're the fan of Harry Potter? It's the goldmine of ...well everything really. Muggleborn vs mudblood for instance?


Anyway, here are some pictures for you! They're all from a local county Tulip Festival. (So yes, they are all tulips.)

What inspires you?


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! I am a flower fan and yet I don't grow any - they'd die if I tried, and occasionally I HAVE tried...when it's been forced upon me by gifts of flowers in pots, etc. :P

  2. Trisha - Awe! My second mom is like that. She's got a black thumb to the max. Funny cause my mom's a total green thumb. :D

    You should totally try tulips or daffodils! They're nearly impossible to kill. :P

  3. Beautiful pictures! It's autumn where I live so the flowers are disappearing...

  4. Rachel - Well, here are some pictures to remind you of warmer times! :D

  5. I went to Harry Potter world for the first time this week. It was sooo packed they had to close down the area. We were lucky to get in. I hope to return during the off season so we can enjoy it more. BTW -we tried our first butter beer. :)

  6. Pretty tulips! We have some pretty awesome tulip festivals around here too...although around here is technically close to you too :) I also love the spring. There's just something about the sun and getting out of my small house where I've been cooped up all winter!

  7. Those tulips are gorgeous! I love how learning about another culture finds its way into enriching writing. It's the little things that people assume when they're missing its pretty obvious. When they're there it feels right and no one can say why.


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