Thoughts of a wanna-be author and student.

About Me

Hello all! I'm Devin. You might've noticed it as my blog title, but you might not pay attention to it either. I don't really have any nicknames besides the ones given by my parents, (sorry, I don't want anyone but them calling me "peanut" I'm sure you can understand?) Anyway. I'm 24, and most of those years have been spent living in the same house in the amazing Pacific Northwest. Now days I'm residing in Tokyo, Japan, but my heart remains in the dreary corner of the US.

I'm a writer looking to get published and  a student working towards a degree--and no, it's not in English. I'm currently in my senior year, having transferred last year from my community college. Expected graduation, summer 2015!

I have two WIPs, CHAINED (to be renamed) and an unnamed piece involving lots of magic. Both are YA, though other than that, the genre hasn't been pinned down. Both have been on a hiatus while I'm here, simply because concentrating on my studies is the first priority. That, and Japan really kills my want to write. Unfortunate, isn't it?

When I'm not writing (or these days, studying), I enjoy cooking and drawing. If only my dog moved with me, then I would still be playing with him. Alas, my parents are taking care of him for my while I'm away.


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Twitter: devnbond