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April 14, 2011

L is for Love Triangles and Loud People!

So, we all know about the love triangle. They've been made famous recently by Twilight and The Hunger Games series--among many others. Have any of you noticed that every love triangle has a female pov? (I have yet to hear or read of a male pov love triangle.)

Is it just one of those things like when girls have lots of men in their life, people automatically assume they're a slut and whatnot and men can have a lot of girls without a second thought?? (Not how I actually think, btw.)

I write from male pov's all the time. I can't even really remember the last time I wrote from a female point of view, it's been that long. I also like love triangles. I will probably end up having a love triangle at some point in time. And it will probably be from a male POV like always.

Is there something unattractive about a guy not being able to decide which girl he loves? Girls aren't the only ones who can be indecisive. Yes, men in general aren't as wishy-washy as women, but it could happen. --Of course, I'm not the expert on men (or people at all) so... I could just be spouting.

Are there no love triangle male pov stories out there because a guy with two love interests seems like a player? Does it seem like he's stringing one of them along--or both of them--just because he wants the attention? I just don't know.

Also, I'm not a loud person. I'm definitely a quiet person. But, my second mom is very loud. She's also quite outgoing. Do you guys think the level of sound we all can reach depends on our outgoing/shyness? Just curious.


  1. That's interesting about the love triangle female POV, for some reason that had not occurred to me but you're right. At least in modern fiction.

  2. Hi Devin - making the bloggie rounds and this caught my eye. So, as a YA author, I've actually pondered if YA readers would be interested in what you are proposing. I like this discussion! If you look at guys in movies (where you may see the guy choosing between two women e.g. My Best Friends Wedding (there are others) they seem to choose the sweeter of the two. Oh, JK gave Harry and Ron other girls to mix it up. Also I think guys can sometimes be vague and wishy washy even more so than we girls are accused of - I think they get confused about what they want and settle for ANY female attention. Do you think YA writers should focus more on male pov's?

  3. It's probably what you said - people just assume that guys are sluts and don't want to hear that they can't decide. So it's a bit of a double standard. ;) Still, I love a good love triangle too! :D

  4. Karen - I know, isn't it kind of weird? Thanks for stopping by!

    Beth - Hello! Yes, most men in situations like that (in movies) do tend to choose the girl that's the bring-home-to-mom type rather than the spicy one.

    Having more than one love interest is different than a male POV triangle. Men definitely can be vague and wishy-washy--but I also feel like men in general are more one track minded. (not in a bad way) I feel like they know what they want in a partner and try and get the best for themselves. (Girls do, too)

    I definitely think that there need to be more male protagonists in YA.

    Trisha - Definitely a double standard! Good triangles are always lovely.


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