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June 13, 2011

Humoring my Edit-Self

Have you ever gone through your MS, editing away like we always should and then suddenly! It hits you. "THE SIDE-KICK WHO'S REALLY NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKABLE IS MORE LIKABLE THAN MY MC!!"?

I hope not. It's a rather upsetting thing! (Trying some humor on for size, folks.) I recently (very recently. As in today, recently.) discovered that this travesty had occurred in my NEARLY PERFECT MANUSCRIPT (according to my dog maybe? and probably not even him... ). It's a shock, it is. Like finding out that your dog actually DOES know what you're saying and pretends to be dumb to trick you or that your stuffed animals can more themselves around at night! (oh no! Censorship~)

The mind just reels! 
"How could this happen?" 
"I'm just so awesome and amazing and everyone wants to be me!"
"I got an agent just by staring at their twitter account!"
"I have a love triangle, twice! Between a brainiac werewolf who's like a genius with everything and knows a lot of fancy stuff and a goofy vampire with the most awesome, sparkly smile that you've ever had the chance of being bedazzled by!"

And so forth.

So of course, like any natural amazing person like I seriously am, I had a talk with this little inner voice that sounds an awful lot like Jessie and I came up with EVEN MORE AWESOME. Yes. It is possible, my friends. I. Have become awesomer.

Just wait until I breeze through submission in a minute and get ONE KAZILLION-BAJILLION copies printed in every language the world has EVER KNOWN.

So, how do you guys like the new layout? :D I think it's wicked. School is officially out so I am now back in business in the blogging world! I can't wait to read all of you~!

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at humor. :P


  1. LOL! Funny gal! Love the sense of humour. It has happened to me. My sister handed back my "romance" and said, "It was good, but what are her brothers up to." Hmmm. She was right, they were the better characters. Why didn't I see that? So four fantasies later, I finally got the scoop on each of her brothers. Oh man, they were up to no good. It was fun. So give your sidekick their own book, and see what happens when you edit. hehe.

  2. Hehehe I got beaten to the comment. Sigh...

    Yeah well, I think you know that I know what it feels like. Although Ward is technically just a silent Main Character. Still...

    Love the new look. :-D

  3. You actually seem conceited. WEIRD.

  4. I like your sense of humour and I enjoyed reading your post. The new layout of your blog is fab. See you again soon! :)

  5. Tanya - I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm not a very funny person normally~ Sadly, side-kick won't be getting his own story~ He'll have to deal with that though.

    Misha - Yes, I know what it's like for you. Thanks~

    Jessie - I was joking. Humor? But, I suppose it's good that it seemed conceited. I was going for that--sorta.

    Len - Thanks, I tried to make it funny for my come back post. I'm glad you like the layout~

  6. LOVE the new layout!!!! Must be the season for changing things around:)

  7. Yay! You're back!! Love the new layout. Love your new post! Ha ha! :D

  8. Hahaha! This post had me cracking up. Especially the bit about dogs actually knowing what we're saying. I was saying something very recently about how terrible it would be if my dogs actually could understand me, but lacked the capability to respond in a way I could understand. They would think I was an idiot. They're trying to get their point across, and all they get back is a bunch of nonsensical baby-talk about how cute they are. Lol.

    I think I might be suffering from "overly likeable sidekick syndrome" with my current WIP. My supporting cast seems to be more popular with the few people who have read it than my MC is. Gonna have to work on that :\

    Thanks for a great post :D

  9. This is soo funny. Glad you're back. I have had this happen--supporting character upstaging the MC. Seriously, who do they think they are?
    Cute post.

  10. Sounds like your getting ready for a good fight. psyching yourself up. Go girl! :)

  11. I love the bird!! And your silly edit self...why does it always have to change things up??

  12. HEE HEE! And I love that little birdie up there!

  13. Love your new look. I am struggling with a sidekick MC wannabe too. Dang it. He's just so cute.


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