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January 06, 2011

Where is the Love?

It's pretty depressing when you realize your romance novel is lacking the most important part. The romance! Talk about a crisis in the making right there. I was so excited about the fantasy aspect, I completely forgot that Axel and Emelie need to get some flirting in--increase the attraction... maybe get in some kissing~ Cue maniacal giggles right now. 

(Yes, I'm that much of a dork.)

Anyway, I'm beginning to get that under control, if you want a taste check out my No Kiss Blogfest post. (That was probably my wake-up call.) My write 600 words a day goal hasn't quite happened yet, somehow I lost a day this week?, but! Today I will for sure get to 600. At least. 

Also, after reading Misha's post today, I joined the group that Kelly has started. We'll see how getting an hour in everyday works, but it's worth a try. Should be easier this quarter, seeing how I only have one class--not my decision, by the way. Tomorrow I'll be seeing a counselor at school of what I need to do to transfer to a four year and all that good stuff. I'll also be seeing one of my old ASL (American Sign Language) teachers! Excited for that.

I'm feeling pretty confident and excited for tomorrow. I think school, now that I think I know what I'm going to do, is going to be a lot easier--at least to choose classes!--from now on. It'll feel good to be on track. I hope everyone's had a good week so far! 

Have any of you ever realized the romance (or other genre) you were aiming for hasn't quite made itself apparent yet? How did you fix it?


  1. LOL Forgot the love in a romance? Sorry, sorry . . . It's just so funny. And no, the genre I am aiming for is always apparent (fantasy, urban fantasy) Never imagined it could be otherwise.

  2. Yeah... It's pretty ridiculous, I understand the humor. It wasn't completely forgotten, but... It wasn't as obvious as it should be.

    I must be some kind of special for being able to manage it, really.

  3. Lol romance... you might want to read my post about it. I'm up to my nose in it and can see that it's not good. See the romance happened between the wrong people.

    It happened in the rough draft and I thought I could just get rid of it in the rewrites. Riiiiiight.


  4. i don't think i've had that problem. But then again, i prettymuch only write fantasy and horror, so i don't really get an idea without those elements. If that makes sense

  5. I'm actually struggling with something similar in an urban fantasy short story that I'm revising, but I'm not sure if I SHOULD change it to bring the fantasy elements into the core. I'm thinking that maybe it just isn't meant to be.

  6. Oh! This happened to all writers at one point or another! No worries, identifying it is the hardest part I think. Nice blog by the way, I stopped by from Trisha Leavers and have enjoyed perusing:)

  7. Misha - totally read your post. Alas, that problem hasn't occurred for me yet! Cross my fingers it doesn't...

    Sarah - I've never had this problem before. I generally write romance with a twist of fantasy/supernatural. Hopefully it won't be an every time occasion.

    Amalia - I hope it all works out for you. Sometimes things aren't meant to be, but... I just couldn't allow the romance to slip in mine.

    Lindsay - Thank you! I'm glad you've stopped by. It's good to know it happens to other writers, too. Hopefully I'll continue to see you here. :)

  8. *Following* I recently met your writing partner, Jessica, and if you're as awesome as she is than I'll have to read your posts :)

  9. Haha, let's hope I can match her awesomeness! Thanks for following either way! :)


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