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December 24, 2010


I am procrastinating for no particular reason. I've finished another round of edits. Jessica and I are in our beds, awaiting the moment her computer dies or she reaches her goal. (Good luck, bestie!)

Luca, my puppy in case I didn't mention his name earlier, is fast asleep being pathetic. He makes the most adorable noises in his sleep and it just isn't fair! If I have children that make as cute of noises as he does... They are going to be so spoiled!

Anyway, I felt a bit ambitious and made a picture (on Paint again, so still don't make fun of it!) of Em. I'm not feeling Li just yet, so you've got to wait for him.

Her lips aren't actually as big as they look there, but it's hard to get things just right on Paint... Also, I made her a bit fancier than Al, though I still didn't color in her skin. Having her lips black like his was just really off putting for me--as did making her eyebrows. It isn't a bad job, but the next time you see her it'll be way better.

So... yeah. Procrastination over for now. Night, everyone! If I don't get on tomorrow--or the next day, Merry Christmas!


  1. So this is what you were doing while you weren't sending me your revised scene and letting me write...

    And of course you'd make sure she's naked.

  2. :P Yup. I wasn't purposefully making her naked. I just didn't give her clothes...


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