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December 31, 2010

And the Plot Thickens

I've finally arrived at the beginning of where everything starts! The long awaited part when the plot starts going. Of course, it hasn't been that long awaited. There can only be so much time to get to the fourth-fifth scene, right? At least, if you're working on it consistently--like me.

Anyway, I'm super excited to get to scene six, where it really really starts. That doesn't make much sense, but... it's like the start of the start. Of course, I've already got the romance aspect in (the beginnings of course), now it's time to get to the fantasy!

If only my mind would cooperate. I get so excited for the scene itself that when I get to it, I'm so excited I don't even know what to do. It's ridiculous!

Also, I began to read the book Jessica gave to me for Christmas. I read the first five chapters while she caught up on some much needed sleep. It's called Nicholas Dane by Melvin Burgess. So far I like it. 

I'm not going to give away all that happens, but Mr. Burgess does not sugarcoat what the characters are doing. I haven't read any books by him before, but from his other titles... it sounds like it's a trademark. Nick is amusing and definitely a teenage boy.

The one thing that is a bit off putting--though don't get me wrong, it doesn't take away from the book--is that his character's thoughts are in double quotations. Sometimes I get confused as to whether it's a thought or a bit of dialogue. 

Another little thing is that the POV doesn't stay with Nick. I'm so used to having the story told through one perspective that it's a little odd. It's nice to see what Nick doesn't though. Definitely adds to the story as a whole.

I'm pretty excited to read more. I haven't gotten a new book in forever! It's ecstasy having something besides textbooks to read!

On a side note... Jessica and I went shopping today. I got a new pea coat (bright red!), two skirts and a pair of sexy heels! Cue ridiculous, excited dancing that no one but yourself should see.

It's about time! (for the heels.)

PS: Jessica, I know what you're thinking about the shoes statement.


  1. BAHAHA you know me well, then.

    I'm thinking of getting you another book since I didn't get to buy you a pair of pants. We'll see how it goes :)

  2. I'd hope so! You've only complained about my lack of good heels how often?

    Book or pants... either will be delicious--and I'll like them both!


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