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November 22, 2014

Feelin' Lonely

I should be starting my essay for my politics class but it's proving to be a bit difficult so here I am procrastinating. As the end of the semester draws closer and my return visit home (for the first time in over a year!) comes closer too, I often end up thinking about family and friends and all that good stuff. I try not to though, because often it ends up with me realizing how lonely it can be to live away from home. Sometimes that loneliness just strikes hard.

Having lived with my parents until my move to Japan for practical reasons, I previously thought I'd enjoy the solitude. After all, when my family wasn't home was when I enjoyed things the most. But even introverts get lonely. Hopefully this isn't new to anyone. As the days go by, often times with the only interaction I have being the few minutes here and there in classes and then maybe on the ride home with my friend who lives nearby. Once a week I get a 20 or so minute skype session with my parents, depending on how my shoddy internet wants to behave of course. And sometimes I'll get to chat with friends through skype when schedules allow it. It's hard to believe I ever disliked having all that interaction with people in my house.

It might be even harder to imagine just how someone can feel so lonely when they're living within one of the most densely populated cities in the world. But in a place like Tokyo, it's everyone for themselves and if you're lucky you'll get a whispered "excuse me" when someone steps on your foot on the train.

Days when friends send me lots of text messages always ease it, but on days like today where I haven't spoken to anyone except the cashier at 7-11 when paying bills... that's when I feel it the most.

Also, for anyone reading, if there are any questions about living in Tokyo or things like that, feel free to! It really is a lovely place, even if sometimes it gets me down.

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