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July 25, 2011

Getting in the Mood

Into the writing mood that is! There are so many ways to get inspired and get the creativity flowing. It's different for everyone. Sometimes just getting away from your ms and not thinking about it until your muse goes "IDEA!" helps or sometimes looking at pictures sparks the imagination.

But what about when we're actually writing? I know a lot of us play music when we write that goes with the feeling of the scene Action scene, fast paced music. Emotional scene, something with a down beat. I've also heard of people using scents to get into the mood (I've yet to try this one. I'll take any excuse I have to buy more scented candles though. :P) 

Most of the time I have to write to music that makes me happy, rather than listening to music that fits the emotion of the scene. And lately I've been finding that where I am also helps. When I'm at home, if it's sunny (which is a rarity at the moment), I'll take my laptop out back and chill out on the deck--let my legs catch some sun (under 2 layers of 70spf)--and start tapping away on the key board.

Being alone and away from the distractions inside my house help infinitely! There's also just something really inspiring about just relaxing. Feeling the heat--at an astounding 72 degrees F (yes, it's so hot. I'm positively melting.)--listening to the sound of the wind through the trees, chimes tinkling together and the birds. Even the sound of someone mowing their lawn four houses down and a plane with parachuters humming above. Plus seeing all the green! I just can't help but get in the mood when it's like that.

What gets you into the writing mood?

Also, the schedule has changed a bit. It's going to be every Monday and Thursday. :)


  1. I get motivated to write when I know I'm writing something good, or when I'm recently sparked by a good idea. Mood music helps me write to a certain mood in a scene, but doesn't necessarily get me into the mood to actually write.

  2. I think you might be onto something. The other day I was writing this transitional death scene. Very peaceful. The kids were in the background wrestling. I could not get in the mood. I set it aside and settled on writing a battle scene. Nailed it. lol. Waited until they were in bed to writed that death scene. Turned out quiet.

  3. Hi Devin! I'd have to say that I'm HIGHLY visual when it comes to inspiration. Nature - beautiful scenes, trees, mountains, water, sunsets, etc are always really inspiring to me. My dreams inspire ideas quite a bit, too. :)

  4. I've not tried scents. I should give it a go some time. I love music. Music helps a whole lot (as long as it has no lyrics--the words distract me).

  5. Hi Devin. I haven't tried scents either. I don't usually write with the music playing. I'd like to play the music BEFORE writing, that would probably put me in the mood, or thinking about a scene in my current WIP. But when actually writing, I'd like it really quiet and peaceful.

  6. OOh good visuals there (and yes to the lawn mower)! Energetic music an being alone helps!

  7. You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you with one of my homemade awards: Powerful Woman Writer Award for all the hard work you do!

    Go to and pick up your award.

  8. I like listening to music, not necessarily fitting the scene, but the characters.

    I also like writing in places where there are lots of talking people.



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