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January 28, 2011


Ahahahahaha! (Yes, that was an awkward laugh to start the post with but whatever. :P) I'm five scenes in, roughly 1/5 of the way through my WIP and I have managed two almost kisses! It's almost more exciting than the fact that I'm 1/5 the way through! Actually... I think I'm more excited about the kisses.

Axel's totally going crazy--head over heels in love. It's ridiculous. And awesome. Frickin' awesome. I'm super stoked to get to an ACTUAL kiss. Yes... That'll be really exciting. Axel's only been daydreaming about it for ... well quite a few pages now. (Yeah, that's right. A few pages. Intense, I know.)

I've already planned out the actual kiss. I'm trying to work a few more in there if I can.... We'll see how sneaky I can be. And how many times it'll apply. Emelie's sadly not... as available as she should be! (My fault, I know, but I can't just make it easy!) I'm hoping for two actual kisses before they get together... I'm seriously itching to get to one! Goodness gracious it's ridiculous! Only five scenes and I'm ready for my head to explode I want to write it so bad. (Just think of how bad it is for Axel. Poor lovesick fool.)

Have any of you craved for the meatiest parts of your WIP? I know I am! (And I'm not even a big fan of meat...)


  1. Congrats on getting 1/5 of the way through the WIP! oh yes. i crave for the meat parts of the MS all the time. So I write them when the pop into my head. That way I can take my time on the build up since I know the juicy stuff is done. LOL.

  2. Hahaha, thanks! It must be nice getting to do the meaty bits right away~ I definitely have to wait to get to the juicy parts... Otherwise I'll skip out on the rest!

    It's like a good wine... the longer it sits the better it becomes! (At least I think that's right. Not much of a wine connoisseur.)

  3. Hahaha congrats on the progress.

    Sounds great for Axel, but just make sure that the readers don't want to scream at him to get on to the real kissing. :-)

  4. Sounds very exciting. It's funny that everyone has the scenes they can't wait to write. It's certainly a good motivator to hurry up and write the other stuff so you can get there quicker!

  5. i think only crazy people DON'T crave the meatiest part of the story

  6. Misha - Thanks. Readers probably won't want to because Emelie's a bit unavailable on the romantic front. Poor Axel.

    Elena - I completely agree. It's definitely a striving motivator for me!

    Sarah - Good point. Who wouldn't crave the meatiest part? Definitely crazies. :P

  7. To.tal.y!!!! sometimes I skipped to them just to light a fire under my arse!

  8. Haha, fire under the bum is a good thing!

  9. I don't like meat either! LOL

    But yeah, the best part is always the most exciting to write, you know?

  10. Woot! Glad to have a meat-disliker with me! Haha.

    Best parts are definitely the best.

  11. Hey fellow Crusader, I'm making rounds today. It delights me to see how excited you are to write the kissing scenes. With that kind of excitement in the author, I know they're going to be great.


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