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December 20, 2010

Through the Haze

This weekend has been filled with family gatherings and unpleased people. I really don't think I've seen someone be as grumpy on their birthday as my brother today. Goodness gracious!

His grumpy bum sparked an idea in me, though--a past scene of my MC and his mother having an argument. I'm not sure it turned out very well, probably cause I lost the steam about halfway in and I had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing, but hey. It got the job done, right?

I'm finally caught up again in mine and Jessica's WriMo. Of course, Jessica has upped her goal (or rather doubled it), but I'm sticking with my 25k, thank you very much. It's okay if you call me lazy or an under-achiever. I 'm going to stick with what I know I can do--especially seeing how I'm having enough trouble keeping up as is.

Sadly, though I know working on figuring out my MC is important, especially if it's in first (though we all know that's the easiest way to get your character's voice out--also let's you fall into the thought trap...), I can't help but feel that by not working on my first scene I'm not doing anything. Maybe it's all the dark music my MC has been liking or perhaps it's an unknown cause.

Speaking of music--and family from earlier, Saturday brought about a few revelations. The family and I were drug down about 50 miles south to go see a show at this major church that my cousins go to school at. (Private school + church. They're very religious.) The show ended up mainly being a concert of sorts--and it was better than I was expecting. The music and lack of distractions kept my mind busy, so I came up with a few things about my MC. I'll share them with you.

One, I got the feeling that he liked to do something musically. At first I thought maybe he was in a band? Then I thought maybe he was a dancer? (Of course, I know I am way too influenced by what I see and hear, so I have to be careful with these inspirations.) Finally it came to me that if my MC was musically inclined, he was partial to the piano. He also allowed me to discover his taste in music--female singers and oldies (think Beatles, Marvin Gaye, doo-wop bands in general, 50's-60's music... The classics.) He's kind of weird. Luckily for me, I enjoy that kind of music. Time for some enjoyable research~!

I also learned that my MC has a particular dislike for salad. I'm not sure why, but I think he thinks it's boring. What a misinformed kid.

I've written 2 past scenes (if you add 1 full one plus two halves) and during those scenes, I've realized that my MC was very obedient... Yet I can see him being mischievous? Hm! What a silly boy.

I've got an early day tomorrow, my nine-year-old niece is over and I will be the only one watching her. I at least hope she sleeps in until 9. 10 would be even better!

How was everyone else's weekend? Prepared for the week before christmas? (Eek, I need to get my shopping done before it's too late!)


  1. Sounds like a facinating character.

    Hope you get to know him well.


  2. I knew you were scribbling bits about the piano for some reason. Just keep in mind that your MC may not have access to American 50-60s music...

  3. Yeah... that's true. I should keep that in mind.


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